Three Custom Family Tree Pendant Designs To Consider


While there are lots of good ways that you can celebrate the bond that you feel with your family, one popular option is to order a piece of custom jewelry from a local jewelry shop. There are all sorts of themes that you can consider for your piece of jewelry, but one idea that can be poignant while also visually appealing is a tree design that represents your family tree. Given the intricate shape of this design, it will make sense to order a pendant that you can hang from a favorite necklace. Here are three custom family tree pendant designs to consider.


One idea to consider is a tree design that features birthstones mounted throughout it. You'll want to choose birthstones that represent the birth months of each of the members of your immediate family. Generally, this will result in several different colors of stone, which will help to give your family tree pendant a colorful and cheerful appearance. Your custom jewelry professional can suggest different placements for the birthstones. While there's nothing wrong with having them appear embedded into the trunk of the tree, another idea is to have each stone on a limb as though it's a piece of fruit.

Engraved Names

Another design to think about is to have a tree shape that features the engraved names of each of your immediate family members. Depending on the number of people in your family, your jeweler can come up with a tree design that can easily feature each of the names. There are several different ways that the names can appear. You might favor the adults' names on the lower, thicker branches of the tree and the children's names on the smaller, higher branches. Or, you might consider the length of each name and want the short names on the short branches and the long names on the long branches.

An Actual Tree

While the above two designs can use any shape of tree that appeals to you, another idea is to have your custom jeweler design a pendant that depicts an actual tree. For many people, it can be sentimental to choose a tree in the family's yard. For example, you might have a large tree in your yard that your children used to climb on when they were little. You can provide the jeweler with photos of the tree and have them create a pendant that pays tribute to this actual tree. You can then consider additions such as birthstones or names, but you may also favor the simplicity of keeping the tree design plain.

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2 December 2021

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