Natural Gold Diamond Ring: 4 Reasons To Stick With A Classic


There are endless options nowadays for engagement and wedding rings. There are so many settings, gemstones, and bands to choose from that it can be dizzying. With all the choices available, a classic like a natural gold diamond ring can be overlooked, but maybe you should give this little elegant beauty a shot. Here are four reasons to stick with a classic natural gold diamond engagement or wedding ring. 

1. Timeless Appeal     

One of the best reasons to choose a natural gold diamond ring, when you are picking out an engagement ring, is that it is timeless. A natural gold diamond ring will always look classic and will never really be out of style. Other colors of gold or silver wax and wane in popularity and fashion, but even when a natural gold color is not the hottest trend of the season, it is never really a bad choice and will look great on any finger. You can count on a natural gold diamond wedding ring to look beautiful and fresh even years later, despite changing fashion. 

2. Warm Color

Natural golden bands have a warm color that contrasts beautifully with a diamond and gives a little depth to the whole piece. Natural gold isn't as soft in tone as rose gold or as gaudy as yellow gold, but neither is it as icy as platinum or silver. The warmth of a natural gold band on a diamond ring will bring out the warmth in your skin tone and can look quite beautiful. 

3. Beyond Trendy

Many choices in engagement rings are simply trends that come and go and look quickly dated when they have lived past their due date. While it might at first seem like a good idea to try something bold and new like a turquoise stone on a hammered bronze band or a black diamond on a rose gold band, in the long run, these trends may run out of shelf life, and a ring is meant to be forever. A natural gold diamond ring will look classy however many years pass. 

4. Stylish for Any Style 

Another reason to stick with the traditional natural gold and diamond ring is that it easily fits in with anyone's sense of style. You can wear a gold and diamond ring with a boho blouse, jeans, and sandals or with a little black dress and heels. A natural golden diamond ring looks equally good with a preppy, business casual, style, or vintage look. 

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3 August 2021

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