Picking Out A Surprise Engagement Ring: Choices Choices


If you are getting engaged soon, it is time to start looking for rings. If you are the one who will be giving the ring to your partner, you have got a lot of decisions to make. Obviously, you should ask if your partner wants to be included in the process. Many women prefer to pick out their own engagement rings since they will hopefully be wearing it for the rest of their lives. if she wants to help your job just got a whole lot easier; Head over to your local jewelry store and let her go crazy. However, if your partner wants to be surprised by the ring you choose, you will need to know several things in order to pick out what she will enjoy. 

Personal Style

Is your partner a classic beauty, or is her style more modern? Does she currently have any rings that she wears daily? What color is most of her jewelry? Does she wear mostly silver, or is gold more her style? Paying attention to what she currently prefers will help you to determine what she may like in a ring. For example, women who are more modern seem to enjoy rings that are not just round or square, such as an oval or a pear shape. 

Family Input

You may also take into consideration her relationship with her family. For example, if the relationship is strong, many women enjoy getting a ring somewhat similar to their mother's. Ask what she thinks of her mom's or her sister's rings. That may help you to get a better understanding of what she likes and dislikes. 


Make sure to think of the small logistical information, like her ring size. Talk to her about how high off her finger she would like the ring to come, since some have quite a lofty height. For women who work or wear gloves frequently, they may want a more discreet profile. 

In conclusion, it may be challenging to figure out exactly what your partner would want, but it is doable. Putting in the time and effort to get what she wants will surely pay off once you have a happy wife by your side. If you have questions, talk to her best friend or mom. They have probably heard her talk about what she hopes for in a ring for years. You may also want to talk to a jewelry store near you to understand all the different options that come with a diamond. 


6 October 2020

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