A Look At The Myths Associated With Buying And Selling Gold


Whether you are doing a jewelry-box cleanout and have a few extra pieces on hand that you no longer need or you have bought some gold in the past with the specific plan to resell later, it is important to know the facts about the gold-selling/buying process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about buying and selling gold that a lot of inexperienced consumers mistakenly believe. 

Myth: A high appraisal for a gold piece guarantees a high cash payment from a gold buyer. 

While some buyers do take the appraisal of a gold piece into consideration when they are making an offer, most are interested purely in one thing: the gold content. Therefore, if you have a vintage piece that was made by a widely recognized designer, you may not get the same cash offer for the piece from a gold buyer as what you would from a jewelry collector. 

Myth: Holding onto gold pieces for even a few months is almost always the best financial decision. 

While it is true that the value of gold is usually on the up and up as a whole over a long span of time, there are times when gold values can take a dip. Holding onto gold in hopes that the value will rise can cost you money if you do not intend to hold onto the pieces for several years. 

Myth: You should always sell gold early in the year. 

For whatever reason, it is a common myth that gold is more valuable early in the year than it is the rest of the time. However, this myth holds no real bearing and is not backed by any kind of market fact. It is best to sell gold when the values are at a peak because this is when buyers will pay you the most for what you have. With gold prices fluctuating consistently, going on this myth alone when you choose to sell your gold could cost you money.

Myth: Most gold buyers are not interested in smaller gold pieces. 

Even if you have the tiniest fragments of gold in your scrap gold collection that you wish to sell, make sure you include them when you visit a buyer. It really makes no difference if pieces are small and large, the collection of gold will usually get weighed as a whole and not divvied unless you have different types of gold to sell.

For more information, reach out to local gold buyers.


10 June 2020

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