Three Styles Of Choker Necklaces That May Appeal To You


If you've decided that you'd like to add a choker or two to your jewelry collection, make plans to visit a local jewelry retailer. You'll likely find that it has several variations of this necklace available, giving you the ability to browse until you find something that catches your eye. There are many different styles of chokers that are available, so whether you're looking for one to wear daily or for one to wear with a certain outfit for an upcoming occasion, you'll likely be able to find what you're looking for. Here are three styles of choker necklaces that may appeal to you.


A type of choker necklace that might appeal to you is one that has a minimalist design. If you're the type of person who enjoys wearing jewelry but doesn't favor pieces that are large and noticeable, a minimalist choker can be the right choice. There are several designs that fit this description. For example, one option is a very thin chain that hugs your neck. There may be one or more small jewels that hang off the chain or a few small pearls positioned along the length of the chain. In many of these designs, the chain is so fine that it's difficult to see from afar — which may give you exactly the minimalist design that you're looking for.


Another type of choker design that may suit your sense of style is a layered look. This design describes a choker that has multiple individual strands that sit at different heights on your throat. In some of these designs, the top strand will be very high up on your throat, while the others will sit a little bit lower. In some cases, the lowest strand will hang on your upper chest, much like a traditional necklace. This can be a desirable design if you're keen on the idea of wearing a choker and a traditional necklace at the same time.


If your local jewelry store sells jewelry from different cultures, you may be able to find a few Kundan chokers that catch your eye. This type of jewelry is from India. Kundan chokers can take several different forms, but you'll commonly find that they have intricate designs with plenty of gold and gemstones. This isn't the type of choker that you'd likely want to wear on an everyday basis, but it can be a perfect piece of jewelry to wear for special occasions. 

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20 March 2020

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