How To Take Better Care Of Your Designer Watch


Getting a designer watch for your birthday, job promotion, anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion can make you feel like a real baller. Whether you work in an industry where you do a lot of client interfacing or you just keep to yourself, have a designer timepiece on your wrist is a real status symbol. To make sure that your designer watches last for as long as possible, there are a few different things that you can do. 

Store It Someplace Safe

If you live in a humid environment, then storing your jewelry in just any jewelry box isn't going to do it any good. When watches get exposed to too much moisture in the air, it can cause the timepiece itself to fog up which can cause some internal damage. Make sure that you store your watch somewhere safe like in a temperature-controlled jewelry box or safety box. If you don't live in a humid environment, then make sure that you put it someplace where it's not going to get exposed to things like water or other typed of damage. 

Have it Serviced Regularly

Having your watch professionally cleaned and serviced about once a year is another way to keep it in good shape. During the service treatment, the jeweler will do a thorough inspection on the entire watch t check for any signs of damage. Additionally, the jeweler will also fix anything wrong with the watch such as a battery that's broken or that's slowing down. This yearly service is a great opportunity for you to prevent any damage from getting drastically worse. 

Be Gentle with It

Just because your watch says that it's water resistant, it doesn't mean that it's waterproof. Try to take extra care of your designer watch and don't do things in it like swim or do anything active. Remember that because your watch is designer, that it should really only be used either for special occasions or in appropriate setting like for your job. if you do wear your watch every day, just make sure that you take it off when you're exercising. 

A designer watch can be really valuable if you take good care of it. if you want your watch to be something that you pass onto your kids or another loved one, then make sure that you baby it and keep these things in mind. To learn more, reach out to a watch retailer near you.


29 December 2019

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