Choosing A Diamond Wedding Ring? 3 Tips To Pick The Right Piece


The right wedding ring can be a symbol of your love for years, while the wrong piece could fall flat when it comes time to propose. Fortunately, by thinking carefully about who you plan to give the ring to, you can select a piece they will love for a lifetime. Here are three tips to select the right piece. 

1. Consider Your Lifestyle You wouldn't buy a simple ring for someone who loves glamour, which is the same reason you should think twice before buying something crazy ornate for someone who has an active, busy lifestyle. Before you start shopping for diamond rings, think about the person who you plan to give the jewelry to, and try to shop for rings that look like they would be worn by the individual. 

Keep in mind that bulkier rings would be more difficult for heavily active women to wear, and pieces that have components that stick up wouldn't be great for people who have kids or plan to have a large family. Tell your jeweler about your loved one so you can be guided in the right direction. 

2. Evaluate Aesthetics Additionally, think about their personal sense of style. Does your loved one like things that are classic, modern, trendy, or unique? Do they enjoy minimalist or maximalist decorations at home or in their office? Think carefully about how they present themselves, and focus on jewelry pieces that look like they would meld with their style. 

When you shop, keep in mind that you have thousands of options open. From rose gold and platinum to yellow gold and tungsten, there are an infinite number of combinations you can select at the jewelry store. 

3. Shop Around As you evaluate your choices, don't be afraid to shop around. Look for different retailers, and be mindful of pricing, style selection, and shop amenities. Try to look for a shop that offers a variety of different options for you, such as complimentary ring dipping, cleaning, or adjustments if a stone is knocked loose. By doing your due diligence, you can really enjoy the ring shopping experience. 

When it comes to ensuring you are investing in a great ring, turn to jewelers in your area to learn more. Talk with jewelers openly about your budget, and chat with them to figure things out. After you select a piece, make sure you have everything you need to take care of that gem by keeping it safe and clean. 


24 October 2019

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