A Primer For Picking Out A Diamond Engagement Ring


One of the big purchases a person can make is an engagement ring. It's not a small thing; even though the ring might be delicate and small. The process of selecting a ring and making that final decision and then buying it is something that should not be taken lightly. A diamond engagement ring is a huge investment and it should be considered as such. One of the most important aspects of selecting the diamond ring is to figure out what sort of things you are looking for. These include size, color, clarity, and design. It can seem like it's a totally overwhelming process, but in reality, it is something that you can figure out if you spend a bit of time looking into it. Here are some of the more important aspects:

Clarity Of The Diamond (The Defects)

One of the most important aspects of selecting a diamond is to determine if it has noticeable flaws. The more flaws a diamond has, the less expensive it will be. But the idea is to get a diamond that has the least amount of flaws possible. The flaws that are visible to the naked eye are the most alarming and what you want to avoid. Any sort of surface crack or spot in the interior of the stone that is visible is not something that you want to see. However, there are also cracks and interior blemishes that you might not see with the naked eye. These imperfections are looked at under at glass that magnifies the problem. The way you can learn about these cracks, aside from becoming a diamond expert, is to look for the rating of the diamond in the store that is selling the stone. Diamonds are all rated by agencies and these ratings encompass the clarity. So, don't worry about getting out your jewelers loop and bending over like an expert.

Cut and Color

The cut and color are totally subjective. You don't have to pick a particular color, but you should be aware that diamonds are rated according to the color that they are. The color tends to be yellow. It's not a negative to have more yellow than another stone, but it can affect the price. However, some people prefer a diamond with a bit more body color.

Cut is also subjective. The style a stone is cut is up to you. Some people like the classic pillow, while others want something more elaborate. The one thing you need to be aware of is that the cut needs to done correctly. If the cut is not done correctly, then the stone can not be symmetrical, which is not what you want. So, this is another reason to check the rating of the stone. The rating encompasses the cut of the stone. 


16 October 2017

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