Not Willing To Carry A Mortgage Payment On Your Finger? What Are Your Budget-Friendly Ring Options?


If you love the look and heft of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands but hate the thought of tying up a sizable chunk of your net worth in a piece of jewelry, you may be wondering whether you have any middle ground between a ring from a gumball machine or a high-end jewelry store. Fortunately, colored stones have been increasing in popularity for the past few years, providing more choices than ever before when it comes to budget-friendly stones in high-quality settings. Read on to learn more about three gemstones that can give you the look you've always wanted at a much lower price than you might expect.  

Quartz-based gemstones

Quartz is one of the most common minerals around, which can sometimes lead to it being taken for granted—however, its wide range of colors and textures can provide you with a unique and beautiful ring at a very low cost. Quartz-based gemstones like amethyst and citrine are prized for their bright and vibrant colors (violet and yellow, respectively) and the ease with which they can be carved and sculpted into a variety of shapes. 

With the right cut and polish, these gemstones are able to achieve the same clarity as much more expensive gems and can especially shine in a high-quality setting like white gold or platinum. Alternatively, you may want to browse local jewelry shops and antique stores for a well-loved setting that can give your quartz wedding ring character and turn it into an heirloom to be passed down to your children or grandchildren. 

Clarity-enhanced diamonds 

Another option for those who want the classic look of a diamond (without the price accompanying many of the larger carat types) is a clarity-enhanced diamond cut to shine in a smaller setting. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are sometimes known as "fracture-filled" diamonds, and they began their lives with minor cracks and imperfections on their outer surfaces. However, through the application of an undetectable clear resin, any cracks in these diamonds have been filled in to achieve a flawless look. Many clarity-enhanced diamonds are also cut in ways that accentuate their natural selling points, giving them more sparkle and the illusion of size even when they're on the small side. 

These diamonds don't always hold their value as well as non-clarity enhanced diamonds, but can be a great opportunity for an "entry-level" diamond ring for those who are uncomfortable spending thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars on a single piece of jewelry. For more information on clarity-enhanced diamonds, contact a company like Best Brilliance.

Beryl-based stones

These stones are harder than quartz on the Mohs scale, making them more durable—in fact, beryl and its derivatives are nearly as hard to scratch or fracture as genuine diamonds. Beryl-based gems like emerald and sapphire can also be a bit pricier than quartz, but are still much less expensive than diamonds. For those who want the more traditional look of a clear gemstone engagement ring or wedding set without the price, "white" sapphires are clear and can be nearly indistinguishable from diamonds when cut.

If you've decided on beryl for your engagement ring or wedding set, you may have a hard time choosing from among the wide variety of colors and cuts available. From the deep clear blue of sapphire to the understated elegance of peach-hued morganite, there is a tone for just about every desire and budget. And because many birthstones are beryl-based, you may even be able to choose a gem that has some significance in your lives—the month in which you or your spouse were born, the month you were married, or even when you met or went on your first date.   


25 October 2016

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