4 Ideal Wearable Gifts for High School Graduates


Graduating high school is a big achievement for many students and one of the final steps into full adulthood. To help celebrate the occasion, there are a number of special gifts that you can give for the graduate in your life. Instead of giving them a gift that can just be set aside, you can give a gift that is worn and used frequently. The following four graduation gift ideas can all be worn by high school graduates.

Charm Bracelets

High school graduation is a great time is start a new gift-giving tradition and represent a milestone that will be remembered for the rest of a student's life. By picking out a charm bracelet, you can select specific charms that represent the high school graduation. These include charms like a graduation hat, a degree, or something more simple, like a textbook. A charm bracelet is also an ideal group gift for family members. Each member of the family can purchase a special charm to give on the graduation day. For each upcoming celebration like birthdays or holidays, you can add to the charm bracelets with new charm designs. When a student receives the initial bracelet, they can visit a jewelry store for proper sizing and placement of additional charms.

USB Drive Bracelets

Represent the past and prepare the student for the future with a USB drive bracelet. These bracelets are easy to store data on and carry around on your wrist. As your child prepares for college, the bracelets can be used to store study information, class schedules, and other files needed for school. The USB drive bracelets can also come loaded with files that you personally prepare. For example, you can add a personal musical playlist to showcase the journey through high school and beyond. You could also load a number of image son the USB drive, including pictures of the student through a variety of different grades. USB drive bracelets come in a variety of sizes, including multiple gigabytes for plenty of storage space. Different designs include colors or pop-culture characters and symbols representing superheroes.

Exercise Monitors

As the high school student prepares for future education like college, you can help them stay in shape with a wearable exercise monitor. One of the biggest changes that comes with attending college is the "Freshman 15." This is a colloquial term used for the average amount of weight that a person gains when first attending college. By giving a person an exercise monitor, you can help them prevent the onset of weight and begin their future with a healthy lifestyle. Many exercise monitors sync with apps to help track exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating habits. You can even purchase one of your own to connect and track your progress together.

University Necklaces

If the high student is going to a university in the fall, then you can help the celebration with the purchase of a university necklace. There are many ways you can represent the college with the necklace. One of the easiest is with a pendant of the school logo or mascot. Many jewelry stores feature a variety of pendants for popular or local colleges. This is a great way to instantly build school spirit or excitement for the next chapter in their life. If the school logo is not available, then you can purchase a necklace featuring the school colors. Jewels, crystal,s and pendants can showcase the school colors on the necklace design. It's also a great way to help match school apparel like t-shirts and hoodies.

By purchasing something that the high school graduate can wear, they can feel and see your support for them on a daily basis. Shop around to find products and styles that match the interests of the student in your life.


5 May 2016

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