5 Commemorative Coins Sets Ideal For Animation Lovers


For many decades, the world of animation has brought people joy, laughter, and iconic characters. Whether you love the style of art or appreciate the nostalgia that comes with these cartoons, there are multiple ways to collect and celebrate your favorite animated characters. One of these ways is with commemorative coins. Mint companies from all over the world have released special coins in the honor of several different animations. Browse through five different collections to celebrate some of your favorite animations with highly detailed coins. Each set comes with different designs and materials that are ideal for collecting.

Disney Animation

The wide world of Disney has been celebrated numerous times through different minted coins. Through the Treasury of Niue, the original stars of Disney animation are celebrated through a special collector's coin set. Two dollar silver coins were minted in six different designs featuring Disney characters. The set includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. The coins in this set really stand out, because all of the characters have been minted in full color designs. This really helps the coins stand out when they are displayed.

Superman's 75th Anniversary

To help celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman, the Canadian mint released a number of commemorative coins featuring the hero's likeness. These coins have great designs that showcase the animated Superman from the original comic book and cartoon series. Collect a series of coins that feature Superman in a number of action poses. For example, the $20 silver coin features Superman with his fist in the air in a flying position. The coin has a highly detailed silver design, but there were also multiple color designs released featuring Superman in his iconic blue and red superhero outfit.

The Flintstones

There may not have been coins in the Stone Age, but you can celebrate the classic cartoon of The Flintstones with a special collector's coin. In 2013, Niue island released a special silver coin that celebrates the cartoon from the 1960s. The design features Fred Flintstone, his best friend Barney Rubble, and their pet Dino in full color. The background of the coin features Velma, Betty, and the Flintstone's home in a silver design. The reverse side of the coin features a profile of Queen Elizabeth along with an animated film reel that sprawls across the coin design. The silver coin has a one dollar value when used as regular currency.


One of the more beloved cartoons and comic strips is the Peanuts. Featured in newspapers all of the country and through a number of classic animations, Peanuts was celebrated in the British Virgin Islands with a special coin release. A $10 silver coin and $1 was released to help celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip. The front side of the coin features minted text indicating the anniversary along with an image of Snoopy laying on his dog house. Both pure silver and color versions of the coins were minted and are available. The coins also come in a collector's case that features other Peanuts characters like Charlie Brown and Lucy.

The Simpsons

One of the longest running animated shows of all time was celebrated with a special coin release in Australia. There are two different coins available. The first one features the whole Simpsons family standing together for a pose. Bart Simpson is featured in the center of the coin, holding a slingshot in the air. The second coin features Bart Simpson hanging out on a tube in the middle of the ocean. Australia's famous Sydney Opera House sits in the background of the design and adds some nice detail to the coin. These coins were minted in multiple dominations, including silver dollars.

Collect one of more of these coins to showcase your love for the world of animation. They make great display pieces and can also go great with other animation memorabilia like stuffed animals or mugs.

For more information or to find where you can buy these coin sets, talk with coin dealers online and in stores. 


26 April 2016

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